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Alun Mathias will be speaking on VAT latest issues and Capital Projects at the
WCVA’s Charity Law Conference at Sofia Gardens on 11 May 2006

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VAT Coaching – a grown up approach to VAT Training

Our approach to VAT Training is different from what is generally on offer in the market.

We do not do one-size-fits-all VAT seminars and workshops where attendees have to work out for themselves what applies to them, and where there is insufficient time to ask detailed, specific questions or to absorb what is being taught.

Instead, we offer a VAT Coaching Programme, the aim of which is to ensure that you become proficient in every aspect of VAT management, that is relevant to your organisation.


The Programme has various features:

1. Residential Course
An Initial 2 day Residential Course where you will case study your own organisation allowing you to build a thorough and big picture understanding of the VAT issues which are directly relevant to you. The style of the course is highly interactive and for this reason, numbers for each course are limited to 12. The course will comprise Technical and Practical elements, and offers a combination of technical teaching sessions, case study work and one-to-one surgeries with a VAT specialist. For more details on the Course click here.

2. Mentoring Programme
Following the course you will be assigned a VAT specialist Mentor, who will be able to provide a free helpline service, with ongoing technical support, on the issues identified during the course. This part of the programme aims to show delegates how to research and solve VAT issues themselves and how to correctly identify which issues require VAT specialist input.

3. Refresher/Update courses
These can be half day or one day courses, which will combine general update information with the opportunity to gain assistance on specific issues you may wish to raise. As with the Initial Course the style will be interactive and practical.

Phone 02920 623655 or fill out the form below if you would like to find out more about the VAT Coaching Programme.



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